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Aces vs Wings: AI Predictions and WNBA Bet Picks Today

June 5, 2024

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In this article, we'll go over three of the models I built using Rithmm (3 Pts, tempo, and defense) that led to my Aces vs Wings AI prediction and how to filter through all of the bet options.

Using Rithmm Models for Aces vs Wings AI Predictions

I was able to make my picks using Rithmm to build easy custom sports betting models, which allows users to make informed betting decisions rather than relying purely on intuition.

In this case, I created three different models, each focusing on one key factor that I believe influences games:

  • 3-Pointer Model
  • Tempo Model
  • Defense Model

I then went to the "Best Game Picks" section in the app and filtered for today's games and spreads.

The Rithmm app provided the highest recommended pick from each model, allowing me to compare their predictions for how the game will finish.

3 Pointers Model

Our 3 pointers model focuses on not just how often but how efficient a team shoots from beyond the arc. As shown in the graphic below, I adjusted the model factors so that three-pointers factors has the most weight.

In this matchup between the Las Vegas Aces and the Dallas Wings, the Aces have really utilized the 3 pointer hitting at a 33.9% from deep while the Wings sit right behind them with a 33.3% from range.

As a result, the 3 pointers model's AI prediction for the Las Vegas Aces vs Dallas Wings is:

  • Aces -8.5 (vs. Wings)

Tempo Model

The tempo model is used to determine which teams have the most possessions within the 40 minute game. In this model, I turned the Tempo factor all the way up to see how that affected the Aces vs Wings AI pick.

In tonight's case, the Aces are ranked 1st in PACE which measures the amount of possessions with 99.20 as the Wings are right above them at 4th with 97.63 possessions.

As a result, the tempo model's AI prediction for the Las Vegas Aces vs Dallas Wings is:

  • Wings +8.5 (vs. Aces)

Defense Model

Defense wins championships! In this model, the AI uses metrics like steals, blocks, turnovers forced, and points allowed to measure a team's skill on defense or just their defensive rating overall. As you can see, I turned the defense factor all the way up in this custom sports betting model.

Tonight, the Aces play a really strong brand of basketball on defense with a defensive rating of 97.3 while the Wings are struggling on the defensive side with a rating of 102.1.

As a result, the Las Vegas Aces vs Dallas Wings Ai prediction form the defense model is:

  • Aces -8.5 (vs. Wings)

Additional considerations for my Aces vs Wings AI pick

Below is my insight for the Aces vs Wings game:

  • Las Vegas Aces: The Aces, led by A'ja Wilson who has been a key piece for the team on offense with her 26.5 PPG with over 12 RPG. They have a 3-1 record this year when she scores over 25 points in a game. 
  • Dallas Wings: The Wings look rough to start off the season with a 3-4 record including losing their last 2 games. They are led by superstar players Arike Ogunbowale and Monique Billings who has stepped up since Natasha Howard's injury.

My Las Vegas Aces vs Dallas Wings Prediction

My pick based off of data from my three Rithmm's models: Aces -8.5 (vs. Wings)

Based off my my models, I believe that the Aces are one of the best teams in the league with a 4-2 record as the Wings are just 3-4 to start their season.

This matchup should be very intriguing as it includes star players such as A'ja Wilson (26.5 PPG) and Arike Ogunbowale (26.6 PPG).

Dallas Wings vs Las Vegas Aces AI Prediction

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