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Our "Best Bets" selections represent the cream of the crop in AI sports predictions. Trust our algorithms to identify the top picks for NFL, NBA, and more.


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Our "Dawg Of The Day" – an underdog prediction with bite! Our AI analyzes the odds and data to uncover hidden gems, giving you an edge in sports betting.


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Explore "Top AI Player Props." Our AI delves into player stats to bring you the best prop bets for NFL, NBA, and more. Maximize your returns with data-backed insights.

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AI Sports Predictions

Unlock smarter betting with Rithmm's AI. Get daily AI sports picks and AI player props across various leagues with a competitive edge.


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Explore AI sports prediction and AI player props for NBA, college basketball, golf,  and more. Sign up to access AI sports picks across your favorite leagues.


Custom Models

Customize your betting strategy with Rithmm's easy-to-use custom sports betting models. Build and test your own models to refine your predictions and insights.

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