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Rithmm is THE AI sports betting app for player props and game picks. Backed by AI predictive models, Rithmm helps you make smarter and faster betting decisions across NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAM, Golf and WNBA.

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Game Picks

Rithmm gives bettors the easiest access to AI-backed game picks. Our AI sports betting models do the heavy lifting, providing you with an edge in making informed bets without any user input.

Our AI sports picks cover Moneyline, Over/Under, and Spread bets in the following sports:


NBA AI Picks


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Golf AI Picks

Player Prop Picks

Get an edge on every player prop pick with Rithmm. Our AI player props bring a fresh perspective to individual player performances, giving you a competitive edge.


Our predictive models analyze player statistics, team dynamics, and historical data to deliver the strongest data-backed prop predictions.


Our AI sports betting app identifies prop bets where market odds might not align with the actual probabilities, helping you find valuable opportunities.

Bet Smart Easily

Rithmm is the ultimate AI sports betting platform. Our technology makes finding the best data-driven game and prop picks easy. Download now to start betting smarter. Want to get into the modeling? Click here to learn about our Core and Premium Subscription tiers.


Whether you're a seasoned bettor or just getting started, Rithmm simplifies complex data into user-friendly insights, ensuring that everyone can navigate and benefit from our AI player prop and game picks.


Access the same sophisticated sports betting models and analytics tools used by the pros. Rithmm provides a dynamic edge, empowering users to make smarter bets effortlessly with the use of AI predictive models.

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