Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rithmm?

Rithmm is a sports betting predictive analytics app that combines your gut instincts and our algorithms to help you make smart bets. Our team of data scientists handles the hard work on the back end, empowering you to effortlessly build your own analytical models, use them to analyze every game, streamline your betting research and make smart betting decisions.

What sports/leagues does Rithmm offer?

Rithmm currently offers NFL (coming in August), NCAAF, WNBA, NBA, and NCAAM. Our next sports we plan to release later in the year are soccer and hockey. Access to all sports Rithmm offers are included in your subscription.

What's the difference between Rithmm and other betting platforms/tools?

Rithmm puts the data and control in your hands. We aren't a tout service and we don't provide prefabricated picks that everyone else is receiving. Instead, Rithmm empowers users to build their own analytical models, receive personalized recommendations and predictive analysis from those models, all within an intuitive platform to help you make informed betting decisions.

How much does Rithmm cost?

Rithmm Core is $29.99/month. You can also opt for an Annual subscription and receive two months free for $299.99/year.

Rithmm Premium is $99.99/month. You can also opt for an Annual subscription and receive two months free for $999.99/year.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, there is a 14 day free trial for both Rithmm Core and Rithmm Premium.

How do I get started?

Rithmm is available on Apple, Android and web. You can click here to get started!

What payment methods are accepted?

All major credit cards are accepted.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of our product providing full access after purchase, we're not able to provide refunds. We will consider refunds on a case-by-case basis for extenuating circumstances.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you may cancel your membership at any time. There is no long-term commitment. To avoid future charges, simply cancel your membership before your next renewal date.

How do I ask a question or request support?

To report an issue or ask a question please use our GET IN TOUCH button located in your user account, or email:

How often does Rithmm's data update?

The updates are frequent and real-time.

Where does Rithmm get its live odds?

Our live odds are fed directly into Rithmm from our reputable data and sportsbook partners. You have the option to choose your sportsbook of preference within account setting.

What is a model?

A sports betting model is a mathematical or statistical framework used to predict the outcomes of sporting events for the purpose of making informed betting decisions. You may also hear them referred to as “systems” within the industry. Sports betting models can be developed using different approaches, ranging from simple statistical analysis to more complex machine learning techniques. Our mission at Rithmm is to make sports data modeling easy and accessible, so that everyone can utilize predictive analytics to make smart betting decisions.

What are factors?

Rithmm models are made up of factors, which are made up of statistics. A factor is a combination of stats. For Rithmm Core, we provide five house factors to build models with. For football, they are Offense, Defense, Running, Passing, and Team Ranks. For basketball, they are Offense, Defense, Three-Pointers, Fouls, and Tempo. These factors have been hand-selected by Rithmm's data scientists to help users make smart betting decisions.

Rithmm Premium enables you to dive deeper into the data and build your own personalized factors from a library of hundreds of statistics.

How do I build a model?

Your first time opening the app, you will be brought through the model building experience. In Rithmm Core, you will be shown 5 house factors and asked to weight them based on the type of model you would like to build. After that, your model will run, taking 3+years of historical data, training the model to your preferences, generating predictions and analyzing open lines to identify your edge. This is all done automatically for you on the back end. And that's it! You'll receive your personalized picks from your model in seconds.

In Rithmm Premium, you can build a model with the 5 house factors or your 3 custom factors. These models take a bit longer (up to 3 minutes) to run because of the level of customization and complexity happening on the back end.

What is the edge and win probability showing me?

When looking at a bet recommendation, you'll see a pick alongside a set of three numbers - the win probability, the odds, and the edge.

The win probability of the pick is what Rithmm is doing on the back end, a prediction based on our data and modeling.

The edge (expected value) is the difference between what the market is saying and what your models are recommending. Rithmm calculates that for you by looking at the win probability and the odds and providing your edge on the market.

We analyze the edge sweet spot by bet type and by sport and mark the bets we recommend with a green star to make things easier for users.

What are your star ratings?

We've now had a few seasons worth of data and continue to find that our models perform exceptionally well with recommendations within edge "sweet spot". We wanted to make this easier for users to view at a glance, so we introduced our sweet spot indicators.

Green star means a bet is in the sweet spot (one we recommend). Caution signal means the prediction does not fall within the edge performance sweet spot and we don't recommend that bet.

Can I make bets on the Rithmm platform?

No, we are not a sportsbook. You can keep track of the bets you place within Rithmm and we also provide direct links out to games within your preferred sportsbook to make for an easier user experience, helping you transition from research to bet.

Can I use Rithmm if betting isn't legal in my state?

Yes, we are not a sportsbook. We are a predictive analytics tool you can utilize to make more informed bets. We also have plenty of users who do not bet and enjoy tracking their bets in Rithmm, competing with friends, and evaluating their model success.

How old do I have to be to use Rithmm?

Rithmm is intended for adults. By using Rithmm, you represent you are at least 18 years of age. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy here.

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