Kadarius Toney Injury: Is He Playing in the Super Bowl?

February 9, 2024

Kadarius Toney Injury Report

The Kansas City Chiefs initially reported that Kadarius Toney's absence was due to a hip injury but later changed to an ankle injury. Toney took it upon himself to rant on his Instagram Live, sharing with his fans, "I'm not hurt."

His spout on social media has sparked interest in NFL followers worldwide, and interviewers have asked Head Coach Andy Reid of the Chiefs for his opinions.

Reid stated, "Obviously, he's been on the injury report so that part is not made up by any means. But he's been working through some things, and he'll be back out there."

Who is Kadarius Toney?

Kadarius Toney is a wide receiver who plays football for the Kansas City Chiefs. Kadarius Toney's NFL career kicked off as he was the first-round pick in the 2021 draft by the New York Giants.

In week 15, Kadarius Toney played his last game this season against the New England Patriots. On December 15th, officials officially ruled him out due to a hip injury. He has now missed six games, including the AFC Championship and possibly the Super Bowl.

Looking ahead at the Super Bowl

As the Super Bowl approaches, all eyes are on whether Kadarius Toney will appear as his team faces the 49ers. Despite Toney reportedly practicing with his team this week before the big day, whether he will play remains a question.

Toney made a significant impact on his team winning the 2023 Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles, contributing to the team's victory as he set the longest punt return record of 65 yards and had a 5-yard touchdown pass.

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