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49ers vs Chiefs: AI Super Bowl Predictions LVIII (2024)

February 7, 2024

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AI Super Bowl Predictions from Rithmm

The biggest game of the season, the Super Bowl, is just under two weeks away, and sports bettors are rushing in to get the best odds. This article breaks down our 49ers vs Chiefs AI Super Bowl Predictions (2024).

In 2020, the Chiefs defeated the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV with a final score of 31-20. Super Bowl LVIII aims to draw attention from football fans worldwide as enthusiasts are excited to see how this rematch will unfold.

San Francisco 49ers Betting Preview

The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs were excited, saying, "They ain't done yet." Both teams have been in the Super Bowl in history, as this is the 49ers' 8th appearance and the Chiefs' 6th appearance.

It's due to interceptions or missed kicks when San Francisco is off. Brock Purdy has 11 interceptions this season. The 49ers also struggle defensively against running backs. When the 49ers faced the Lions, they gave up 182 rushing yards.

San Francisco 49er rookie Jake Moody missed a field goal in each of their last playoff games. His postseason attempts were 21/25.

The San Francisco 49er's legendary quarterback Brock Purdy and six other 49ers players were nominated for All-Pro honors for the 2023 season.

Kansas City Chiefs Betting Preview

This year, the AFC has assigned the Kanas City Chiefs as the home team of this year's Super Bowl and are wearing their home colors. Only three home teams have won in the past 19 Super Bowls.

Patrick Mahomes is 3-0 in his career against the 49ers. This playoff season, the 49er's defense has allowed 21+ points in each game. The Chiefs are 10-0 when they score 21+ points a game. However, when the Chiefs are down 21+, they have zero wins.

When Kansas City is off, it's due to flags, dropped passes, or turnovers. Kansas City is ranked third for most turnovers, at 19 in 10 games. Patrick Mahomes has 14 interceptions this season.

Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker has only missed two field goal attempts this year and, in his postseason, was 7/7 on attempts.

The Kansas City Chiefs' defense and offense are elite, including their star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, who is the leader in most scramble first downs to make up for his passing game.

As we get closer to the highly anticipated matchup, all eyes are on Brock Purdy, as he is the lowest draft player to ever start in a Super Bowl. Can the 49ers defeat the Chiefs, or will it be deja vu from 2020? Follow Rithmm to keep up on the latest picks.

49ers vs Chiefs AI Super Bowl Predictions

Rithmm, an AI sports betting app, has found an edge on the highly anticipated Chiefs vs 49ers Super Bowl matchup. The Vegas books have opened with a close spread, setting the 49ers at -2 favorites.

As of February 2, 2024, Rithmm has identified a trend and believes that the Chiefs will find a way to cover the small spread. Rithmm's algorithm has predicted a 55.8% chance of Kansas City Chiefs covering the +2 spread, resulting in a 6.4% edge over 49ers spread betters.

As we approach the 49ers vs Chiefs game, we'll update our AI Super Bowl predictions as the line moves.

Keep this page bookmarked for the latest updates on our AI Super Bowl predictions as we closely monitor line movements leading up to the Chiefs vs 49ers game on February 11.

Date and Location of Superbowl 2024

Super Bowl LVIII will showcase the San Francisco 49ers vs the Kansas City Chiefs on February 11. The Championship matchup will occur in Las Vegas at the Allegiant Stadium, home to the Las Vegas Raiders.

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