Best Super Bowl Player Props

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The San Francisco 49ers face the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday in Las Vegas, Nevada marking the second time these teams have met in the Super Bowl. Player props have become a popular means of sports betting and this article covers the best super bowl player props, all backed by AI.

Understanding the Best Super Bowl Player Props

Player props are specific bets on individual athletes to assess their performance and occurrences throughout the game. These bets include player performance through yards, touchdowns, completions, and multiple other variables.

The Super Bowl is a popular sporting event where millions of individuals bet on specific things to make the game more exciting. The AI sports betting app Rithmm can help enhance your overall experience of major games and provide AI player props and AI sports picks for games.

Best Super Bowl Player Props : 49ers

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy has had an incredible season. In his second year in the NFL, Brock Purdy has advanced to the 2022 NFC Championship. This year, he has made history as being the last-round overall pick to start in a Super Bowl game.

Brock Purdy is now the face of the San Francisco 49ers and serves as a huge threat with his ability to make remarkable plays. Purdy’s use of running is also something to look out for he as he smashed his rushing yards player prop last week.

However, Rithmm predicts that he will have under 12.5 rushing yards and that the last game was simply a phenomenon. The bet:

  • Brock Purdy - Under 11.5 Rush Yds
Best super bowl player props - brock purdy

Best Super Bowl Player Props: Chiefs

Football enthusiasts and Kansas City fans believe Chief’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes is on his way to becoming the best in the league. Patrick Mahomes is playing to win his fourth Super Bowl, with a 2-1 record in the big game, losing only to Tom Brady.

All eyes are on Travis Kelce as his superstar girlfriend, Taylor Swift, will be in attendance watching from a box suite. Kelce, who plays tight end, has been dominating every game his girlfriend attends; however, when Swift is not there, he has played some of his worst games.

When Swift is absent, he catches 36 for 300 yards, which is 50 yards per game and a total of three touchdowns. However, in the 12 games she attended, Kelce had 80 catches for 946 yards and four touchdowns.

Running Back Isiah Pacheco is the player to watch and has succeeded against any team's defense. His quick footing and fast catches have made him a big threat, as he seems to be unstoppable, in the end zone.

However,  Rithmm best super player props for the Kansas City Chiefs is:

  • Rashee Rice - Under 68.5 Rec Yds
Best super bowl player props - rashee rice

Rithmm’s Best Super Bowl Player Prop Picks

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