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Mavericks vs Celtics: AI Predictions - Game 5 - Custom Model

June 17, 2024

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The Mavericks look to extend the NBA Finals with a win in game five. Read about how I used Rithmm to build a custom sports betting model to arrive at my Celtics vs Mavericks AI prediction.

Preview of Celtics vs Mavericks AI Predictions

Monday night the NBA Finals returns to Boston. Only a few thought Dallas would survive game four. Boston will need to shake off game five to take home the crown. Will Boston be popping bottles or packing a bag for a return to Dallas?

Boston Celtics Preview Game 5

Boston looked like they would have only had 20 losses on the season but thanks to a poor shooting night the C’s fell short in game four. The Celtics shot 36.3 percent from the field, ten percent less than their series average.

My Celtics vs Mavericks AI Prediction is aware that they were also outworked on the glass. Dallas outrebounded them 52-31 on total rebounds to include a 13-4 difference on the offensive boards.

The Celtics looked like a team that had learned from last year's playoffs by not having a letdown game. But with growth comes growing pains. The Celtics will need to get back to what worked for them in the previous three games and hopefully will be able to shake off game four.

The key to their success will be their defense. Boston held Dallas to an average of 95 points in the first three games before surrendering 122 in game four. No one saw that happening, not even Rithmm’s Boston VS Dallas game 4 AI models.

The biggest question will be if Kristaps Porzinigis will play. KP sustained a rear lower leg injury towards the end of game two. The injury has kept him from playing in game three and game four. Boston doesn’t have to have KP to win but having his size and shooting ability on the court is always a plus.

Dallas Mavericks Preview Game 5

Dallas finally broke through in game four. Luka Doncic scored a game-high 29 points without making a three-point basket. He kept his cool after being criticized for yelling at officials in game three while fouling out. Kyrie Irving did his part by chipping in 21 points on 10 of 18 shooting.

But the biggest difference was the energy off the bench. Derek Lively II lead his night off by knocking down his first career NBA three-pointer. His energy was infectious. And with every one of his game-leading seven offensive rebounds Dallas’ confidence grew.

The game plan for Dallas is simple. Do whatever it takes to extend the series. It’s win or 1,2,3 Cancun.  

Let's break down my Rithmm Celtics vs Mavericks AI Prediction for Friday.

How I Use Rithmm Models for my Celtics vs Mavericks AI Prediction

The way I utilize Rithmm AI model to make my NBA picks is as a tool for my handicap. First I do my research, as stated above the Celtics are winning the series three games to one. With the key being holding the Mavs to under 100 points a game.

I then checked the website Covers to look at the matchup. All four games in this series have gone under. The average of the total set by the books so far is around 213 points a game. The two teams have averaged a combined 202 points, a contest, so far in this series.

From what I have seen this series and from the stats stated above I’m leaning towards riding the streak and making an under play.  

Now let's look at my custom sports betting model I used for my Dallas vs Boston AI prediction.

Using Rithmm Models to Solidify My Celtics vs Mavericks AI Prediction

Below you will see two models that I used to guide my Mavericks vs Celtics game five AI prediction.

Mavericks vs Celtics: AI Predictions - Game 5 - Custom Model

Let's break down this model. This model shows a combined score of 208.9 total points. That is a little close to the 210 currently on the board but it has a 52.3 percent chance of the under cashing. Also as stated above the books keep setting the total 11 points higher than the results. Now since I like to double-check my math let's look at another model for my Celtics vs Mavericks AI Prediction.

Mavericks vs Celtics: AI Predictions - Game 5 - Custom Model

Rithmm provides users with models to predict the total, money line, and spread. Above is a money line model. I like to also look at these when making a play on the total. As you can see the model predicts the final score will be Boston 108, Dallas 100. With a 73 percent chance of this happening. I like the sounds of that! Check out Rithmm’s web page on how to make your own Mavericks vs Celtics AI predictions.

My Celtics vs Mavericks AI Prediction

Let's finish this up! I’m going with the Under 210 points in Game 5 of the NBA finals. The trends point that way and so did the models. Good luck and remember always gamble responsibly.

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