March Madness AI Predictions - 2024

February 13, 2024

March Madness is right around the corner as the first games begin on Sunday, March 19. College basketball teams will prepare to battle in a single-elimination tournament in hopes of winning the NCAA Championship. Rithmm's March Madness AI predictions can help you bet smarter. 

In 2023, the 4th ranked UConn Huskies defeated 5th ranked San Diego State with a 17 point blowout. How does the AI sports betting app Rithmm believe the 2024 tournament will pan out? 

How Rithmm’s March Madness AI Predictions Works

The app Rithmm has completely changed the world of sports. By downloading the app, you have the ability to understand how AI recognizes team performance, player statistics and game outcomes by using advanced data analysis techniques.

These trends can ultimately reveal a team's strength, weakness and potential strategies. Rithmm can generate fast, unbiased predictions implying factual evidence based on sudden injuries and will update the prediction on the website for you to recognize.

AI March Madness Predictions Overview

Selection day is coming up on Sunday, March 17 and players and teams are eagerly waiting to see if they qualified. So far, basketball enthusiasts believe UConn (20-2) will be ranked the number 1 seed however, Purdue (21-2) is closely behind as the number 2 ranked team in the nation.

The predicted third ranked teams Kansas and North Carolina both hold a record of 18-4. These next few weeks are crucial to see which team advances to the third seed.

Individuals interested in March Madness AI predictions should sign up for the Rithmm AI sports betting app for a great source to select their bets.

The Importance of Early Predictions

Rithmm will be showcasing potential upsets, important games and key matchups. As more information becomes available, Rithmm will update their app frequently to ensure the best bets.

Picking bets earlier rather than later can add more value on your dollar and you are able to understand early trends.

By using the Rithmm for March Madness AI predictions, you are more informed on player insights which can ultimately lead you into making smarter betting predictions for a successful experience during March Madness 2024. Sign up for an account here and access hundreds of AI college basketball picks

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