AI March Madness Bracket 2024 | Free AI Bracket Generator

March 13, 2024

Table Contents

  • Guide on Creating Your AI March Madness Bracket in 2024
  • Kuz's Data-Backed Bracket Challenge (win courtside seats!)
  • Understanding Rithmm's AI March Madness Bracket Generator

In 2024, the quest for the ultimate bracket has evolved beyond gut feelings and expert analyses. Enter the era of AI-generated March Madness brackets—a revolutionary approach that blends advanced analytics with the passion of college basketball.

Rithmm stands at the forefront of this innovation, offering you a cutting-edge tool for creating free AI March Madness brackets in 2024.

You can create your free AI-generated NCAA bracket by signing into the Rithmm app HERE or clicking the image below.

Once signed into the Rithmm app, navigate to the home page and click the "Request my Bracket!" button to have your AI March madness bracket delivered to your inbox (but keep reading for step-by-step instructions and information about the prizes available).

AI March Madness Bracket 2024 | Free AI Bracket Generator for March Madness 2024

As a BONUS, we're also excited to announce that Rithmm is teaming up with NBA star Kyle Kuzma for "Kuz's Data-Backed Bracket Challenge" (more on this below). Let's dive in!

How to Use Rithmm for Your AI March Madness Bracket in 2024

Here’s how you can use Rithmm's free AI March Madness bracket generator to craft a winning bracket for the 2024 NCAAB tournament:

Step 1: Sign Up and Customize Your Profile

First, create your account on Rithmm to access its wide array of features. Once registered, take a moment to customize your profile according to your preferences for betting styles and interests.

This step ensures that the AI's recommendations are tailored to your unique approach to March Madness.

Step 2: Apply Customization to Your AI Model

While Rithmm’s default AI models provide a strong starting point, the platform’s true power lies in its easy to use custom sports betting model options.

Dive into the model settings to adjust factors based on your analysis or preferences. Whether you're focusing on defensive metrics, shooting efficiency, or recent form, Rithmm allows you to refine the AI's focus to align with your betting strategy.

However, if you'd like to just let the AI do the work, you can just use our pre-built AI sports betting models to save time and keep things simple.

Step 3: Generate Your Free AI March Madness Bracket

Once satisfied with your model's AI sports picks, go to the homepage and click the 'Request My Bracket!' button.

AI March Madness Bracket 2024-Free AI Bracket Generator

Brackets can be requested right now and will be sent to your email/app within 24 hours of selection 🫡

Last year, our AI March Madness bracket generator helped thousands of users predict some major upsets, UConn as the champion, and even a few perfect final fours 🤯

Rithmm subscribers get up to three free brackets tied to their models, while Free users get one bracket to use for the tourney. (Hint: we have a free 7-day trial if you want more brackets and to try our other features!)

You can get your FREE AI-generated March Madness bracket from Rithmm by signing in here, navigating to the home page, and clicking "Request my Bracket!".

Step 4: Use your AI March Madness Bracket to Sign Up For Your Various Pools

But the journey doesn’t end there; sign up for a free trial to get picks throughout the rest of the tournament.

Now let's discuss Kuz's Data-Backed Bracket Challenge, including prizes, where you can use your AI March Madness brackets in 2024 to help you win.

Kuz's Data-Backed Bracket Challenge

AI March Madness Bracket generator for 2024

Request your free AI-generated March Madness bracket from Rithmm and join the challenge to compete against Kyle Kuzma, other NBA players and celebrities, Rithmm Partners, and the community for a chance to win:

  • Courtside seats
  • Meet and greets
  • Exclusive merch/autographed memorabilia
  • Free Rithmm subscriptions
  • Much more

Kyle Kuzma’s Bracket Challenge is a free contest on RunYourPool for basketball fans to enter their Rithmm AI-generated March Madness brackets for a chance to compete against NBA stars and win exclusive prizes.

Kuz’s March Madness bracket challenge is a partnership between Kyle Kuzma, Rithmm, Kicks, Legion Hoops, NBA Central, and RunYourPool.

AI March Madness Bracket 2024 - Kuz's Data-Backed Bracket Challenge instructions

To be eligible for Kuz’s Bracket Challenge, users must:

  1. Download Rithmm and request a free AI-generated bracket (must have proof of your Rithmm bracket to be eligible and download by Thursday, 3/21/24 at 12:15 PM ET). Users who start a free 7-day trial of Rithmm are given a 2x chance of winning prizes after every round. Link for free download:
  2. Enter the bracket challenge on RunYourPool and submit your brackets by 3/21/24 at 12:15 PM ET. Users are eligible to upload up to three brackets (the maximum you can request from Rithmm).

Prizes for AI March Madness Bracket Competition

Prizes for Rithmm's x Kyle Kuzma's AI March Madness bracket competition will be as follows:

  • 1 Grand Prize Winner (Random selection) - Courtside seats to a Wizards game + meet and greet with Kuz
  • 10 Rithmm Prize Packs (Random selection) - Rithmm Prize Pack (free lifetime subscription, Rithmm merch, autographed Kuz sneakers and jersey)

Additionally, after every round, Rithmm and Kuzma will give away:

  • (5) free Rithmm subscriptions
  • (5) Follows from Kyle Kuzma on social media
  • Autographed jerseys
  • Follow on social media from Kyle Kuzma, Jakob Poeltl, or Delon Wright
  • Autographed shoes
  • Autographed basketballs
  • Team-issued gear
  • Other exclusive merch
AI March Madness Bracket - Kuz's Data-Backed Bracket Challenge prizes

You can get your FREE AI-generated March Madness bracket from Rithmm by signing in here! Once signed into the app, navigate to the home page and click the "Request my Bracket!" to use our AI bracket generator effortlessly.

Click here for FREE entry into Kuz's Data-Backed Bracket challenge (Big thank you to our partners at Splash Inc.)!

Understanding the AI March Madness Bracket Generator

So how exactly does Rithmm's AI NCAA bracket generator work? The AI-generated March Madness brackets leverage:

  • Vast datasets,
  • Historical trends, and
  • Team dynamics.

Unlike traditional bracket predictions, which often rely heavily on expert opinions and surface-level analyses, Rithmm's AI bracket picks in 2024 delves deep into the heart of data, identifying patterns and insights that might escape the human eye.

This data-driven approach offers several advantages, including objectivity and an incredible depth of analysis.


Rithmm's March Madness AI predictions are not swayed by biases or emotions. They provide an impartial view based on data.

Depth of Analysis

AI can process and analyze data at a scale and speed far beyond human capabilities, incorporating a wider array of factors into its predictions.

As we move forward into the 2024 tournament, AI-generated NCAA brackets, particularly those offered by platforms like Rithmm, stand to revolutionize our strategies for bracket completion and betting, offering a blend of precision and insight that was once unimaginable.

Let's now discuss how you can use Rithmm to generate AI March Madness brackets in 2024.

Utilizing Rithmm Beyond AI Bracket Generators

Rithmm isn’t just for creating AI March Madness brackets; it’s a comprehensive tool for all your March Madness AI prediction needs.

From individual game picks to in-depth AI player prop bets, Rithmm’s AI sports betting app can help you make informed decisions across the board.

Plus, with the platform's community features, you can share strategies, discuss picks, and celebrate victories with fellow users. Check out our Discord to join the conversation!

Whether you're competing in office pools, among friends, or aiming for national bragging rights, discover how Rithmm's AI can be your secret weapon for March Madness domination.

Sign into the Rithmm app and create your bracket today

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