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How To Bet on Golf

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March 6, 2024

How do you bet on golf? Betting on golf can create excitement for casual fans and enthusiasts. By understanding the complexities of golf, you can gain insight into various available betting options, enhancing your love for the sport and possibly benefiting financially.

Here's an intricate guide on how to bet on golf, structured as follows:

  1. Defining Golf
  2. Types of Golf Player Props
  3. How to Bet on Golf Player Props
  4. Leveraging AI for Golf Player Prop Bets

Defining Golf

Let's quickly define golf before we jump into golf bets.

In golf, the main goal for players is to attempt to complete the hole in the least amount of strokes (hits) possible. There are two courses a golfer can choose from.

One course consists of nine holes, and the other contains eighteen holes. In order to win a round of golf, the overall objective is to have the lowest number of strokes in the total round of golf.

Types of Golf Bets

Golf bets encompass a wide range of betting options within the sport of golf, including:

  • Tournament Finish Positions (Outright Winners, Top 5, Top 10, etc.)
  • Match-ups
  • Futures, and
  • Various proposition bets (props).

Tournament Finish Position

The tournament finish position is a prop that allows enthusiasts to place wagers on the outright winner or which standing (top 5 or top 10) the specific player ranks in. Enthusiasts are ultimately betting on who will win the tournament.

Head-to-Head (H2H) Matchups

In this type of matchup, two golfers battle against each other. These rival tournaments engage the viewers and encourage them to support their preferred winner.

When going head-to-head, fans place wages on who they believe will win the game.

For example, let's say that Justin Thomas and Bryson DeChambeau are playing in a head-to-head matchup.

The sports book believes the odds are:

  • Justin Thomas: -120
  • Bryson DeChambeau: +110

Based on these odds, the negative sign indicates that Justin Thomas is favored, and the positive sign implies that Bryson DeChambeau is the underdog.

Golf Player Props (aka proposition bets)

Golf player props are a specific subset of golf bets that focus on individual player performances within a tournament or match. These can include bets on whether a player will make the cut, the number of birdies or eagles a player will score, head-to-head results between two players, or if a player will finish in the top 10, top 5, etc.

So, while all golf player props are golf bets, not all golf bets are player props. Golf bets cover a broader category that includes many types of wagers, whereas golf player props specifically target the performance metrics of individual players. Let now discuss the various types of golf player prop bets.

Types of Golf Player Props

In golf, player props allow fans to engage with the sport and enable individuals to place wagers on individual player performances. This option enhances the enthusiast's involvement in the game.

There's a broad range of golf player props to choose from, allowing individuals to tailor bets to their preferences. Some of the most common types include:

  1. Performance Metrics (total score, number of birdies)
  2. Driving Distance and Accuracy
  3. Putting Performance
  4. Par Performance

Let's dive into each player prop in-depth, so you can learn how to bet on golf

Performance Metrics

Performance metrics can be a way to assess a golfer's performance during a tournament based on a particular statistic. Some statistics include their overall score, number of birdies, bogeys, or numerous other observations that reflect their outcome on the course.

For example, suppose Rory McIlroy was consistent in recent tournaments, scoring low with multiple birdies on each hole. In that case, the likelihood of him winning the next event will be high with low odds (-5/1). However, if McIlroy maintains high totals with no birdies, he will have higher odds (20/1) as fans believe he will not perform well.

Driving Distance and Accuracy

In golf, golfers drive off of the designated tee box, using their golf clubs in hopes of landing on the green. Driving distance and accuracy props focus on the athlete's ability to hit the ball a certain distance and at a specific place on the fairway.

For example, American professional golfer Dustin Johnson is notoriously known for his long drives off the tee. Fans might bet Johnson will hit the longest drive in his next tournament. This player prop wager indicates that he will have the longest drive out of his competitors on at least one hole in the game. Now that's how you bet on golf.

Putting Performance

In golf, fans are able to assess a golfer's accuracy on the green through analyzing their putting performance. Putting in golf is where players attempt to hit the ball into the hole using a putter. Fans can place wages on the total number of putts per round and their ability to make specific distances.

For example, in an upcoming tournament, individuals might place a wager on Jordan Spieth to have over or under 28.5 total putts in the first round. If fans believe he will have more than 28.5 points, they would bet the over, and if fans thought he would have fewer than 28.5 total putts, they would bet the under. This element of putting performance allows fans to engage with Spieth's performance, creating an exciting element.

Par Performance

A "par" can be described as the number of strokes it takes for an athlete to complete a hole. "Par" is based on how challenging the course can be for the skilled player and changes depending on the length of each hole. The putting performance prop can be a way for fans to predict the number of pars a golfer will achieve.

For example, let's say the famous golfer Brooks Koepka, is about to play the difficult 14th hole. Fans can predict that Koepka will have more or fewer than 4.5 pars on the challenging 14th hole. However, if they believe Koepka will achieve more than 4.5 pars, they would take the "over"; if they thought he would make fewer, they would choose the "under" option.

How To Bet on Golf

Betting on golf and the countless golf props is comparable to betting on other sports. Individuals can place wagers through online sports books or at specific sports betting locations.

Here are the necessary steps for how to bet on golf:

  1. Use Rithmm's AI golf picks and analytics to identify the best golf bets.
  2. Pick a sportsbook that presents broad coverage of golf betting options.
  3. View the available golf bets and choose the ones that interest you the most.
  4. Place your predictions by choosing the golfer or outcome you want to wager on.
  5. Observe the tournament and follow your stakes to see how they evolve.
  6. Return to Rithmm regularly to identify more AI PGA predictions and repeat the process of making smarter golf bets.

Leveraging Rithmm for Betting on Golf

Rithmm, an AI sports betting app,  give individuals critical insights into Golf player performance and course dynamics.

You can use the app to make knowledgeable judgments by analyzing driving distance data and putting averages and trends. Its review of course mapping, green speed, and hazards enhances understanding, improving success in golf betting.

With Rithmm, bettors navigate the game confidently, unlocking new chances for a better golf betting experience.

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