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NBA Western Conference Predictions 2024 - AI Playoff Picks

May 3, 2024

Table of Contents

As the NBA season progresses, the Western Conference is proving to be fiercely competitive. With several strong contenders aiming for the championship, this guide provides an in-depth look into the 2024 NBA Western Conference Winner Predictions, leveraging the power of Rithmm's AI sports betting tool.

Whether you’re deeply involved in sports betting or just a fan looking to understand the playoff dynamics, this article offers free Western Conference AI Picks, key details, insights into the top contenders, their odds, and how Rithmm can enhance your betting strategies.

AI Predictions for NBA Western Conference Winner 2024

With the playoffs on the horizon, Rithmm’s AI sports predictions offer up-to-date insights into each matchup and the overall playoff trajectory.

AI Picks for 

NBA Western Conference Predictions

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NBA Western Conference Predictions

Rithmm’s AI analyzes comprehensive data sets, including player performance metrics and historical outcomes, providing a competitive edge in forecasting the dominant teams in the Western Conference. Be sure to visit our page regularly for the most recent updates and NBA AI predictions to maximize your betting success.

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Opening Odds for 2024 NBA Western Conference

The initial odds for winning the 2024 NBA Western Conference are set. Here are the opening odds for the top contenders prior to the NBA Playoffs Play-In Games:


  • (3) Denver Nuggets +130
  • (4) Los Angeles Clippers +450
  • (1) Oklahoma City Thunder +700
  • (2) Minnesota Timberwolves +900
  • (5) Dallas Mavericks +900
  • (6) Phoenix Suns +900
  • (7) New Orleans Pelicans +2500
  • (8) Los Angeles Lakers +2500
  • (10) Golden State Warriors +2500
  • (9) Sacramento Kings +8000

How to Use Rithmm for More Western Conference Insights

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Key Details on the 2024 NBA Western Conference

This section covers essential information about the NBA Western Conference in 2024, including the playoff schedule, team breakdowns, and a brief history of championship outcomes.

Schedule for the 2024 NBA Western Conference Playoffs

Here’s what fans and bettors need to know about the Western Conference playoff schedule for 2024 (all times Eastern Standard Time). The schedule is broken up as follows:

  • Play-in Tournament
  • First Round
  • Western Conference Semifinals
  • Western Conference Finals
  • NBA Finals

Play-In Tournament schedule - Western Conference NBA Picks 2024

The 2024 SoFi NBA Play-In Tournament for the NBA Western Conference will take place April 16-19:

  • 7/8 Game: L.A. Lakers 110, New Orleans 106
    (Lakers win No. 7 seed)
  • 9/10 Game: Sacramento 118, Golden State 94
    (Kings advance to play Pelicans; Warriors are eliminated)
  • 8th Seed: Sacramento vs. New Orleans, Friday, April 19 (9:30 ET, TNT)

First Round Tournament Schedule - Western Conference

All times Eastern Standard Time

(1) Oklahoma City vs. No. 8 Seed**

  • Game 1: TBD vs. Thunder; Sunday, April 21 (9:30 ET, TNT)
  • Game 2: TBD vs. Thunder; Wednesday, April 24 (9:30 ET, TNT)
  • Game 3: Thunder vs. TBD; Saturday, April 27 (3:30 ET TNT)
  • Game 4: Thunder vs. TBD; Monday, April 29 (TBD, TBD)
  • Game 5: TBD vs. Thunder; Wednesday, May 1 (TBD, TBD)*
  • Game 6: Thunder vs. TBD; Friday, May 3 (TBD, TBD)*
  • Game 7: TBD vs. Thunder; Sunday, May 5 (TBD, TBD)*

** = Winner of Game between Loser of 7/8 Game and Winner of 9/10 Game
* = If necessary

(2) Denver vs. (7) L.A. Lakers**

  • Game 1: Lakers vs. Nuggets; Saturday, April 20 (8:30 ET, ABC)
  • Game 2: Lakers vs. Nuggets; Monday, April 22 (10 ET, TNT)
  • Game 3: Nuggets vs. Lakers; Thursday, April 25 (10 ET, TNT)
  • Game 4: Nuggets vs. Lakers; Saturday, April 27 (8:30 ET, ABC)
  • Game 5: Lakers vs. Nuggets; Monday, April 29 (TBD, TBD)*
  • Game 6: Nuggets vs. Lakers; Thursday, May 2 (TBD, TBD)*
  • Game 7: Lakers vs. Nuggets; Saturday, May 4 (TBD, TNT)*

** = Winner of 7/8 Game
* = If necessary

(3) Minnesota vs. (6) Phoenix

  • Game 1: Suns vs. Timberwolves; Saturday, April 20 (3:30 ET, ESPN)
  • Game 2: Suns vs. Timberwolves; Tuesday, April 23 (7:30 ET, TNT)
  • Game 3: Timberwolves vs. Suns; Friday, April 26 (10:30 ET, ESPN)
  • Game 4: Timberwolves vs. Suns; Sunday, April 28 (9:30 ET, TNT)
  • Game 5: Suns vs. Timberwolves; Tuesday, April 30 (TBD, TBD)*
  • Game 6: Timberwolves vs. Suns; Thursday, May 2 (TBD, TBD)*
  • Game 7: Suns vs. Timberwolves; Saturday, May 4 (TBD, TNT)*

* = If necessary

(4) LA Clippers vs. (5) Dallas

  • Game 1: Mavericks vs. Clippers; Sunday, April 21 (3:30 ET, ABC)
  • Game 2: Mavericks vs. Clippers; Tuesday, April 23 (10 ET, TNT)
  • Game 3: Clippers vs. Mavericks; Friday, April 26 (8 ET, ESPN)
  • Game 4: Clippers vs. Mavericks; Sunday, April 28 (3:30 ET, ABC)
  • Game 5: Mavericks vs. Clippers; Wednesday, May 1 (TBD, TBD)*
  • Game 6: Clippers vs. Mavericks; Friday, May 3 (TBD, TBD)*
  • Game 7: Mavericks vs. Clippers; Sunday, May 5 (TBD, TBD)*

* = If necessary

Western Conference Semifinals Schedule

Hosted by Google Pixel, the Western conference semifinals are set to commence on May 6-7, though dates may advance to May 4-5 should the preceding series conclude swiftly.

Western Conference Finals 2024  Schedule

Also sponsored by Google Pixel, the Western conference finals are slated to start on May 21-22, with potential for an earlier kickoff on May 19-20 depending on the outcomes of earlier matchups.

NBA Finals Schedule

The NBA Finals will kick off on June 6, broadcast exclusively by ABC. The schedule for the Finals is as follows:

  • Thursday, June 6: Game 1
  • Sunday, June 9: Game 2
  • Wednesday, June 12: Game 3
  • Friday, June 14: Game 4
  • Monday, June 17: Game 5 (if necessary)
  • Thursday, June 20: Game 6 (if necessary)
  • Sunday, June 23: Game 7 (if necessary)

Now that we've covered the schedule to help with you NBA Eastern Conference 2024 picks, let's quickly go over the teams and divisions the comprise the Eastern Conference in the NBA.

Western Conference Teams

The NBA Western Conference features teams divided into three divisions: Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest. Each division is fiercely competitive, contributing to the thrilling chase for the conference title.

Northwest Division

  • Denver Nuggets
  • Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Portland Trail Blazers
  • Utah Jazz

Pacific Division

  • Golden State Warriors
  • Los Angeles Clippers
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Sacramento Kings

Southwest Division

  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Houston Rockets
  • Memphis Grizzlies
  • New Orleans Pelicans
  • San Antonio Spurs

Historical Overview of NBA Western Conference Championships

The Western Conference has seen a variety of champions in recent years. Here's a brief look at the recent NBA Western Conference winners and their odds:

Year-Winner (Odds to Win)

  • 2022-23: Denver Nuggets (+1100)
  • 2021-22: Golden State Warriors (+425)
  • 2020-21: Phoenix Suns (+2200)
  • 2019-20: Los Angeles Lakers (+325)
  • 2018-19: Golden State Warriors (-245)
  • 2017-18: Golden State Warriors (-245)
  • 2016-17: Golden State Warriors (-245)
  • 2015-16: Golden State Warriors (+280)
  • 2014-15: Golden State Warriors (+1100)
  • 2013-14: San Antonio Spurs (+450)
  • 2012-13: San Antonio Spurs (+400)
  • 2011-12: Oklahoma City Thunder (+350)
  • 2010-11: Dallas Mavericks (+1200)
  • 2009-10: Los Angeles Lakers (-125)
  • 2008-09: Los Angeles Lakers (+150)
  • 2007-08: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2006-07: San Antonio Spurs
  • 2005-06: Dallas Mavericks
  • 2004-05: San Antonio Spurs
  • 2003-04: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2002-03: San Antonio Spurs
  • 2001-02: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2000-01: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1999-00: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1998-99: San Antonio Spurs
  • 1997-98: Utah Jazz
  • 1996-97: Utah Jazz
  • 1995-96: Seattle SuperSonics
  • 1994-95: Houston Rockets
  • 1993-94: Houston Rockets
  • 1992-93: Phoenix Suns
  • 1991-92: Portland Trail Blazers
  • 1990-91: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1989-90: Portland Trail Blazers
  • 1988-89: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1987-88: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1986-87: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1985-86: Houston Rockets
  • 1984-85: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1983-84: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1982-83: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1981-82: Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1980-81: Houston Rockets
  • 1979-80: Los Angeles Lakers


As we wrap up our predictions for the 2024 NBA Western Conference champion, it’s evident that the competition is robust and full of potential surprises. Using Rithmm's AI NBA predictions, you’re well-equipped to navigate through the complexities of betting on the Western Conference.

Remember, Rithmm updates its free AI betting picks daily, so keep this page bookmarked for the latest insights. We will be updating this page frequently with up to date information and our daily AI picks for the NBA Western conference 2024.

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Join our sports betting community on Discord, start with our free trial, and elevate your experience of the NBA Western Conference playoffs betting. With Rithmm's advanced AI sports betting tools, every game is an opportunity to bet smarter and enjoy the game more.

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