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What's in a Bet Recommendation? Informing Your Insights

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August 17, 2023

A Rithmm bet recommendation provides quite a bit of information. Let’s walk through the different pieces together. 


Positioned at the top left-hand corner of the bet card, the pick provides you with Rithmm's suggested choice for your bet.


Situated at the bottom right corner of the bet card, the score prediction contrasts with the pick, offering insights into what your Rithmm model anticipates the score or spread to be.

Win Probability

The first digit in a sequence of three numbers located at the middle-right of the bet card, the win probability shows you the likelihood of the recommended pick winning, according to your model. 


Following the win probability as the second digit in the trio, the odds stem from the sportsbook specified as your default in your account settings. The odds adjust as the market moves, so this number will change.


Concluding the triad of numbers in the middle-right section, the edge represents your expected value, or the difference between market odds and your model's insights. Since the odds adjust as the market moves, the edge percentage will too. Follow this link to diver deeper into edge calculations.


With a year of meticulous analysis, we've fine-tuned Rithmm's models, assessing their performance and recommendations across diverse sports. We analyze by bet type and by sport and utilize a green star to easily identify bets in our "sweet spot" that we recommend. On the flip side, the caution symbols signal when your model's prediction does not fall within the edge performance sweet spot and we don't recommend that bet. 

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