What are NBA Player Props?

February 22, 2024

What are NBA player props? You can bet on NBA player props to add excitement to the game, and it's for casual fans and enthusiasts. This article will explore all aspects of what are NBA player props, including:

  • Defining NBA player props
  • Types of NBA player props
  • How to bet on NBA player props
  • Using AI for NBA player prop bets

Defining NBA Player Props - What Are NBA Player Props?

NBA player props provide an in-depth evaluation of a player's performance regardless of their status as an elite star or rookie.

In short, you are placing wagers on the individual performance of an athlete rather than the outcome of the fundamental game.

Types of NBA Player Props

There are various types of NBA player props. Some include athlete assessments on the number of:

  • point scoring props,
  • rebounds and assists props,
  • combined stats props,
  • defensive stats props (blocks and steals),
  • specialty stats props,
  • performance milestones,
  • and more.

Let's further examine each type of player prop below briefly.

Point Scoring Props


Point scoring props are a thrilling way to engage with NBA games, focusing on individual player performances rather than the overall game outcome. This type of bet allows you to wager on the total points a specific player will score during a game.

It’s an attractive option for bettors who have done their homework on a player's current form, historical performances, and potential matchups against opposing teams.

The essence of point scoring props lies in predicting whether a player will score above or below a predetermined points threshold set by sportsbooks.


For example, if you predicted that the Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson would score over 22 points against the Lakers, the bet would not have been successful because he only scored 12 points (in the February 2024 game). However, if you bet the under of him scoring less than 22 points, you would have hit a successful player prop.

This form of prop betting adds an extra layer of excitement to watching the game, as every point scored by the player influences the outcome of your wager. It's a fantastic way for knowledgeable fans to leverage their insights into specific players and teams for potential gains.

Rebounds and Assists Props


Rebounds props allow bettors to wager on the total number of rebounds a player will collect over the course of a game. This type of bet requires an understanding of a player's role within their team, their position, and their average performance in rebounding, as well as the opposing team's playing style.

For instance, a center known for dominating the paint might have a set over/under of 10.5 rebounds in a matchup against a team with weaker interior defense.

Here is another example, if a player's over/under for rebounds is set at 8.5, betting the over means you believe the player will grab at least 9 rebounds during the game.

When considering rebound props, it's essential to analyze both offensive and defensive rebounding tendencies, as well as any recent changes in team dynamics or player injuries that could affect rebound opportunities.


Assists props focus on the total number of assists a player will record in a game, highlighting their ability to facilitate scoring opportunities for teammates.

This bet type is particularly suited to those who follow players known for their playmaking skills, such as point guards or players with a high usage rate in their team's offensive setup.

To make an informed bet on assists, one must consider the player's average assists per game, the matchup's pace, and how the opposing defense handles ball movement and pick-and-roll plays.

For a playmaker whose assists over/under is set at 7.5, betting the over implies expecting the player to achieve 8 or more assists in that game.

Both rebounds and assists props offer a nuanced way to engage with NBA betting, focusing on specific aspects of player performance.

By using Rithmm’s AI NBA player props predictions, bettors can access detailed analytics and AI-driven insights, enhancing their ability to make educated decisions on these prop bets. Rithmm’s AI sports betting platform evaluates vast datasets to provide a comprehensive outlook on potential rebounds and assists outcomes, ensuring bettors are well-informed before placing their wagers.

Combined Stats Props

To continue exploring what are NBA player props, let examine combined stats props, which include:

  • Points, Rebounds, and Assists (PRA)
  • Double-Doubles/Triple-Doubles

These are bit more complicated than the NBA player props described above, but we'll describe each in simple terms below.

Points, Rebounds, and Assists (PRA)

Combined stats props offer an intriguing wagering opportunity by rolling a player's total points, rebounds, and assists into one comprehensive bet. This type of prop bet is perfect for players who consistently contribute across multiple facets of the game, not just scoring.

A typical PRA prop might present an over/under on a combined total, such as "LeBron James to record over/under 45.5 points, rebounds, and assists." Betting over means you expect James to amass a total exceeding 45.5 when adding his points, rebounds, and assists together in a single game.

This bet type appeals to those who appreciate a player's all-around game or when a player's impact isn't limited to scoring alone. It requires bettors to analyze not just scoring trends but also a player's involvement in the game's flow, such as facilitating plays and controlling the boards.


Betting on a player to achieve a double-double (reaching double figures in two statistical categories) or a triple-double (reaching double figures in three statistical categories) adds an exciting layer to NBA prop betting.

These bets focus on a player's versatility and ability to significantly impact a game beyond scoring, such as combining points with rebounds and assists.

For instance, a prop bet might offer odds on whether Nikola Jokic will record a triple-double in a matchup. Bettors would then decide if Jokic's role as the Denver Nuggets' focal point in offense and his track record of high assists and rebounds make the bet favorable.

These types of prop bets require a deep understanding of a player's playing style, role in their team's strategy, and matchup dynamics. Players known for their multifaceted contributions are prime candidates for these bets.

Utilizing a platform like Rithmm can give bettors an edge by providing AI-driven insights into player performance trends and matchup analyses, offering a more informed approach to predicting these comprehensive achievements.

Defensive Stats Props - What Are NBA Player Props?

When it comes to understanding what are NBA player props, defensive stats props focus on the less glamorous but equally crucial aspects of basketball: defensive plays. This category allows bettors to wager on the number of blocks or steals a player is expected to achieve in a game.

These bets highlight the defensive prowess of players who might not always light up the scoreboard but significantly impact the game's outcome through their defensive efforts. Let's explore each below.

Blocks Props

For blocks, a typical prop bet might be set as "Rudy Gobert to record over/under 2.5 blocks" against a particular opponent. Bettors then need to consider Gobert's average blocks per game, the offensive style of the opposing team, and whether they're likely to challenge him in the paint, where he's most effective at denying shots.

Steals Props

Similarly, steals prop bets might be formulated as "Jimmy Butler to have over/under 1.5 steals" in a matchup. This requires evaluating Butler's defensive acumen, anticipation skills, and the turnover tendencies of the opposing team's primary ball handlers.

Betting on defensive stats like blocks and steals necessitates an understanding of a player's defensive capabilities and the game's context. It involves analyzing matchups, team defensive schemes, and the likelihood of specific players being in situations where they can successfully defend against shots or intercept passes.

Specialty Props

There are two main types of specialty NBA player props that we will discuss:

  • Three-Pointers Made
  • Free Throws

Three-Pointers Made

In today's NBA, where the three-point shot is more important than ever, betting on the number of three-pointers a player will make in a game has become a popular specialty prop. These bets allow fans to engage with the game on a detailed level, focusing on individual shooting performances from beyond the arc.

An example bet might be "Stephen Curry to make over/under 4.5 three-point shots."

Bettors need to consider Curry's three-point shooting percentage, the defensive capabilities of the opposing team, and the game's pace. High-paced games typically offer more shooting opportunities, potentially benefiting prolific shooters like Curry.

Free Throws

Free throw bets focus on the number of free throws a player will successfully make during a game. This type of bet requires a nuanced understanding of a player's ability to draw fouls and their proficiency from the free-throw line.

A typical free throw prop bet could be framed as "Joel Embiid to make over/under 7.5 free throws." To make an informed bet, one should consider Embiid's average free throw attempts per game, his free throw shooting percentage, and the tendency of the opposing team to commit fouls, especially in the paint where Embiid often operates.

Specialty props like three-pointers made and free throws offer a unique betting angle that emphasizes individual player skills and game contexts. Rithmm's predictive models can help identify opportunities where a player's three-point shooting or free throw proficiency is likely to be a deciding factor, offering a strategic edge in specialty AI NBA player prop betting.

Performance Milestones

First to Score

Prop bets on which player will score the first points of a game add an immediate thrill to watching NBA matches. This wager focuses on predicting the player who will get the scoreboard ticking for either team. It's a test of one's understanding of team strategies at the start of games and the scoring tendencies of individual players.

For example, a bet might propose "LeBron James to score the first points of the game." Successful prediction requires insight into the Lakers' offensive strategies, LeBron's role in the early minutes, and the opening defensive setups of the opposing team. Such bets are decided in the game's opening moments, offering quick outcomes.

Highest Scorer

Bets on who will be the game's top scorer delve into predicting which player, from either team, will finish with the most points. This prop bet is a longer-term engagement, requiring bettors to consider a player's scoring ability, the defensive strength of the opposing team, and potential game flow.

An example proposition could be "Kevin Durant to be the game's highest scorer." Making an informed decision involves analyzing Durant's scoring averages, his shooting efficiency, matchups against defenders, and the potential for the game to be high-scoring or closely contested.

Both "First to Score" and "Highest Scorer" prop bets offer unique engagement opportunities, making every game moment exciting.

Conclusions on What Are NBA Player Props

NBA player props offer a dynamic and immersive way to engage with every dribble, shot, and defensive play of the game, turning every moment into a thrilling betting opportunity. Whether you're new to sports betting or looking for more advanced strategies, understanding what are NBA player props can significantly enhance your betting portfolio.

At Rithmm, we're committed to elevating your betting experience with cutting-edge AI technology. Our platform not only provides you with detailed analytics and predictions for NBA player props but also offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help you make smarter, data-driven decisions.

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