How to use Rithmm to practice betting

January 11, 2023

When you're new to betting on sports, there's a lot to learn and it's common to feel intimidated or overwhelmed. The best way to learn is to get your feet wet and Rithmm is the perfect training ground.

We recommend building your models and tracking the games they recommend (as many as you want) - there's no need to actually bet. 

Your app will keep track of the outcomes of your bets and your models' performance. On your individual model screens, Rithmm shows you your record by bet type and calculates your ROI for you to make it super easy to understand how you’re doing. The more you pay attention, the more you'll start to see patterns emerge, about your models and about you as a bettor. 

Rithmm helps you look at win probability and your edge on the market for every single game. You'll start to learn which bets are worth it to you, and what risks you're willing to take.

You may start to trust a particular model in certain situations ("This model is money when this team shows with a positive edge").

You'll learn what type of betting you like ("Spreads only") or that in certain situations, you like to have different types of bets ("If the spread is less than a touchdown, I bet the Moneyline").

You may also start paying more attention to line movement and odds ("I bet on Sunday and chase CLV"). 

Logging no-money bets is a phenomenal way to learn about betting AND yourself as a bettor. When you're ready to put real money down, you'll already have fine-tuned your strategy. We also have plenty of users who are enjoying competing against family and friends for best model results, if putting money down isn't your thing or isn't legal where you live. Either way, the Rithmm team is here for you at any point in your betting journey. Feel free to DM us any of your betting questions on our Discord server.

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